Dear Hazel, 


Matthew, Anne, and I would love for you, Bash, Elijah, and sweet Delly to join us at Green Gables next Monday for Thanksgiving dinner. It will be a rather simple affair but we would be honoured to celebrate this day of thanks with you all. 


Please do not feel obliged to contribute to the dinner, as though you all are like family, you will also be our guests. (Though if you insist on bringing something, I wouldn’t be opposed to more of the delicious fish stew you made when Rachel and I were over Thursday last. Perhaps it’s time we introduce a few new traditions to our holidays.) 


It will be so lovely having our Anne home at Green Gables for a few days. She will certainly be a big help to me around the kitchen! Her last letter mentioned her desire to make one of Mary’s recipes for our dinner. She mentioned her excitement for the Avonlea Harvest Festival on Saturday as well; she always does say that October is her favourite time of year... I do wonder if she also hopes to use the festival to distract herself from the absence of a certain young Blythe. 


I must admit I am rather anxious for news of Gilbert and their courtship. I do check in with Bash about Gilbert as you know, but I expect he’s been writing home to Anne a fair deal more than to anyone else! 


Back to the point, we plan to eat at around 6 o’clock on Monday evening. I do hope you will accept our invitation. 




Marilla Cuthbert

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