By Nemedow

September 19th, 1899


Dear Ruby,

I hope that salutation is not too forward. I checked with Charlie and he thought it was alright. Gilbert would know, or Anne. Anyway, neither of us could think of a better way to start a letter. As you know, my whole family lives in Avonlea, so I don’t have much experience writing letters. 


I would deliver this note myself, but I am stuck cleaning up in the library after an unfortunate mishap involving a stack of theological texts I was planning to borrow, my banjo, and a full inkpot. I was just turning. I’ll tell you about it some other time.


The reason I am writing is to ask you for a favour. Charlie wants to take Anne to a bakery, but she told him she will only go in a group. Personally, I don’t think Charlie has much of a chance with Anne, but he is my friend, so I told him I’d try to think of something. 


I was going to ask if I might call on you this Saturday afternoon so I could play you a song. It isn’t quite finished yet, but I think it will be by then. I came up with a tune pretty quickly, but it is harder to write lyrics than I expected, even if “Ruby” does rhyme with lots of good words. Did you ever notice that it rhymes with “Moody”? 


Anyway, instead of waiting until Saturday (but may I call on you on Saturday, too?) would you and Anne meet me and Charlie at the French bakery next to the clockmaker’s two blocks east of our boarding house tomorrow after classes? You can answer Charlie when he brings this note, or just leave me a note at my boarding house before classes tomorrow morning. I appreciate your consideration.




Moody Spurgeon MacPherson


P.S. I hope you will say yes, and not just because it will make Charlie happy. 

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